13 year old Zlim

This is what Zlim looks like now,she's so pretty^^


Parents:Zeel and Shim

Age:13 in irken

Hight:A little taller than Zim

Antenne style:Heart-like

Eye color:Dark red

Uniform style:A mix of Zeel and Shim's uniforms

Love intrest:ZAVR Vix


People she dosen't like:Kint

people she's weary of:Kint

Friends:Eve,and Zag


Zlim has the normal green skin.Her shoulder length,light blue hair curls at her jaw on both sides of her head.Zlim's uniform is a mixture of her parents' uniforms.


Zlim's Holographic disguise consists of a Deep red T-Shirtwith a pink heart on the front,White knee length Shorts,rubber toed combat boots (Like Shim's boots) and her gloves.


Zlim is naturally kind-natured,and is willing to help anyone.But if someone wrongs her she'll get them back without that person or Irken knowing.being that her mother is the Dead Irken Gal,Zeel,Zlim tends to have random bouts of insanity.She can't help it nor can she controle it,but they do come in handy sometimes.


En:Zlim loves her auntie Enny and treats her like family Kint:Kint is in love with her,yet Zlim does not feel the same way.He annoys her constantly,and always trys to win her heart,yet it never works.He's sometimes

ZAVR Vix:She really loves him and enjoys being around him.ZAVR Vix kissed her once,which made Zlim fall further in love with him.


Zlim at 5

This is Zlim when she was 5

More to come soon

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