"Welcome to Zim Party 1!"

" My name is McBallyhoo, and I'm one of the 2 judges of this party! Who's the second one? My top hat, Big Top!"

"Anyway, this wacky carnival takes you on to life-sized party boards! Collect the chosen amount of Stars to be crowned THE SUPERSTAR!!!"

" We've got a wide variety of characters! Brayden, Mel, Zeel, Rak, Vanellope, C.A.N.D.Y., Shim, Tar, Jun-Xie, Maria-Theresa, Tino, and more!"

"Uh-oh! Looks like some bosses have snuck their way into the carnival! They wait with their minigames for you to play, and for you to win!"

" Now go on, have fun! Watch out for monsters in Monster Madness, be crowned The Superstar in Star Battle Arena, or just hang out and have fun at any other tent! The possibilities are ENDLESS!"

" See ya!"

" Signed, McBallyhoo and Big Top."

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