(Invader Zim Fan Books By: SELENA BAIRD) BOOK 1


I sat there trying really hard not to FREAK OUT! Dib sits behind me as Zim sits in front. Dib was freaking out (like always) about zim being an "alien". Zim is Irken. The only way i know that is becuse im irken too! Zim is so stupid he doesent know that. Dib knows but he spends all his time trying to expose zim. I try to consentrate on Mrs. Bitters but Dib is YAPPING in my "ear". Every time Mrs. Bitters asks a question i answer it right. People would just sit and stare at me. "Man she is accually listening?" I overheard Zita say. I am a loser on Earth but i am farther along conquering it than zim is. My name is Invader Len but on earth my name is Lena. I put my head on my desk and water was slowly coming out of my eyes. It stung. Suddenly Dib (finally) stopped yelling and i looked up. There was a cloud of dust and air outside. I saw an IRKEN ship. It looked nothing like my voot cruiser. Then suddenly i remembered it is my best friend Taks ship! There was a huge flash of light and then it was dark. I sat there with my eyes wide open, looking around. The lights were back on. Tak, in her new disguise, was at the front of the class. She introduced herself and looked for a place to sit. I told her she could sit in the empty desk next to me. She zoomed over and sat down. "Hi tak!" I said. "umm hi... i guess" she said. I asked her if she knew who i was. She said "no! i just got here dur" I just stared at her with more water coming out of my eyes again. I ripped out a peice of paper and scribbled,

Dear Tak,

Im Invader Len! the tallest sent me here to see if i as worthy enough to be an invader.

-Lena (a.k.a invader lena)

i tossed it on her desk and she replied,


prove it to me after skool.


I looked at her and nodded. the bell rang and i ran home.

GET READY FOR CHAPTER NUMBER 2 TOMORROW!!!! (December 18 or 19, 2011) it will be called, Zim, Tak and Len team up (again)

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