Name: Zenith, AKA: Zeny, Zen

Gender: Male

Age: Same as Zim

Height: Same as Dib (*Shrugs* I'unno XD)

Race: Irken

Love interest: None, at the moment

SIR unit: ZUS

Most likely to say: "Attention! Salute!" "Morning, want to hear the good news, or the bad?"

Least likely to say: "Hey, guys, why don't we play peek-a-boo!" "PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!!"

Appearance: Zeny wears his Irken uniform, blue and black, with the Irken sign on it, with a hat, two holes at the top for his antennas. He wears black long boots with gloves, and sometimes wears a jacket.

More coming soon!

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