Zen is an Eute. A position in the Irken race which dignifies you as the next Tallest.


Zen doesn't get along with most people. She does not have a tollerance for stupidity and doesn't like the current Tallests, Red and Purple. She claims to have "great ideads for Irk", such as taking out the Control Brains, deactivating all defectives, and making Irk a much more serious society.

Physical Appearance

Zen is much taller then most Irkens, though is shorter then Tallest Red and Purple. She has magenta eyes, and wears a black trench coat, a teal Irken shirt with gray pant-like leggings. Her PAK is larger then most Irkens (which gives her the illusion of having a hunch), due to her being the next Tallest, and the colors are gray with magenta dots.


Tallest Red and Purple

Zen dislikes both of the current Tallests, though she would never tell them that. Both Tallest respect her, knowing she will be their successor.


Zen can't stand Zim, though he looks up to her, like he does with the Tallest. She plans on deactivating him when she becomes Tallest.

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