In the show Samber on scratch, a half ghost half human girl named Samber meets many characters such as Finn the human, Marceline the vampire queen and (a non-speaking cameo) Ghoulia Yelps as a human. In the Samber episode invader zim part 1, Zim abducts Samber. Then he flirts with her. Samber did not really like Zim so she did not see that he liked her. When she called him short, he yelled. Then he told Samber to go over to where he is. When she does, Zim tells Samber to give him a hug. She says no, so Zim uses his Pak claws to bring her down so he can hug her. He finally admits he likes her, a kisses her. but she says yuck, since she does not feel the same about Zim.


10435185 144x108

the first time Zim kisses Samber =3



The first ZaSr art

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