Zim picked up the piece of paper that was stuck on the couch with peanut butter and ketchup. "What is this?" On the paper, was a poem in sloppy handwriting, obviously written with crayons and from Gir. 

You yell at me a lot,and I don't take it to heart,because you are my master,and we shall never break apart. 

We have our good memories,from the first day that we met,to the last day of your life and that will make me so upset. 

The day when we separate,may be possibly the worst,but I want to have you know,you are the best master ever.

I know you sometimes hate me,and that I don't give you respect,but I really can't live without you,and sometimes yes, I am your pet.

You may be an alien,and I am also one,but you are still my master,hey, the fun has just begun!

The day we came to Earth,oh it really was a sight,and sometimes I have bad dreams and I hug you in the night.

You locked me into duty mode, and I tried to eliminate,my one and only master,but yet I couldn't do it.

The time when big-head had decided to stop the fight,you took my couch and made me sad,but nothing could give me such a fright, 

As when you went to the nightmare world,and hoped that I was okay,that really made my chest pound on that sad, horrific day. 

I wanted you to be alright,because you were stuck with Dib,and how dare he take you there,you, the amazing ZIM! 

Though I'm sometimes called stupid,a worthless piece of junk,I know you secretly like me,but, as a friend of course. 

To conclude this poem,I have to say I do,I really hope you like this,and I need to say I love you! From,GIR

P.S You got my taquitoes yet?

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