Name: ZIA (Stands for Zany Insane Appliance)

Species: SIR Unit

Eye color: Light pink (Right) Light Blue (Left)

Siblings: None

Mistress: Kira

Symbol: Flower

Appearance: ZIA is a silver SIR unit with light pink and light blue parts. Nothing more, nothing less.

ZIA disugise
ZIA's disguise is a dark pink cat suit with light pink and light blue eyes to match hers. Her ears are light blue and light pink, as well as her stomach. Her paws are light pink and light blue, and her front paws have light blue spots on the pink part, and pink spots on the blue part.

Personality: ZIA is a very hyperactive and kind SIR, like most, and couldn't fight for her life. She, even though she met her not too long ago, would do anything to protect and/or please her mistress. She loves everyone and everything, no matter how cruel or nice they are.

Relationships: TBC!

Most likely to say: "HAIIII!"

Least likely to say: "I hate you!"


  • Kira got ZIA as a Christmas present on Christmas Eve.


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