Zim and Lia as Enemies.

Brief Summary

Lia, a criminally damaged Irken has a burning hate for all Irkens, mostly the ones who want to take over Earth, Zim. She has proclaimed the Earth her new home and now Zim and Miz come along with plans to destroy it?! Not on Lia's watch. She makes sure none of their plans come through the way they want. At times she suceeds but not all the time. Zim hates how the stupid Lia always likes to stick her nosy-nose in his plans. Their for his eyes only! And no one is to stop Zim from taking over Earth! Even stupid girl Irkens with an attitude! And as for Lia the narcasstic green-headed alien and his bossy girlfriend will never rid the Earth when she's there to stop them. If only they both were smart enough to understand... THEY BOTH DON'T HAVE THE BRAINS TO DO EITHER!!!