Tain't Finished.

A strange pairing between the Almighty Zim, and Elliot Switzner. The two do show romantic interest, but it is usually very serious, and their love is less than humorous.

Zim's POV

Zim was very interested in Elliot, but not in a attraction sort of way, but on how she stood out from the rest of society. It wasn't love at first sight, it took him a year to realize his feelings for Elliot. And even another two months to accept them. He does seem to care for the earth girl, even if she is at times hard to be with, especially in her moody periods(Not that kind). Even so, he is very attracted to her hateful ways, and is very pleased that she hates Earth as much as he does.

Elliot's POV

Elliot found Zim very annoying at first, often bunching him with the rest of society. But there was always something odd, something inhuman. Like Zim, she did not fall in love with him immediately, although it took less time for her to realize her feelings. She did not confess her feelings until the end of freshman year, where her heart was crushed, and fell into deep depression. Eventually, Zim came to her, saying his true feelings, and thus, the two have been together ever since.

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