Not to be confused with ZADR

This is the romantic pairing of Zeith and Daniile.


Zeith at first didn't really know what to say when he first met Daniile,But soon he found feelings for her.When ever She askes him about her outfits,he passes out with a nose bleed (How i don't know),but when he wakes up,he tells her what he thinks.Zeith cares for her and would do anything,even give his life for her. (More to come as soon as i think of it XD )


Daniile doesn't usually fall for anyone, so Zeith is quite lucky . They met when Daniile was drunk, but this had no effect on what she thought of him. She fell for him almost instantly. This angered Daniile's manager, Tilly, and Tilly tried to keep them apart. After a while, she gave up. Daniile often asks Zeith what he thinks of her outfits, but he usually passes out, so she has to wait until he wakes up. Daniile loves Zeith very much and would gladly give up her life for him.

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