Regret is just a word, just an excuse so one can chicken out.

"No, I think I'll pass. I might regret this later."

Ha! Why not try it? You might regret anything that you do. Heck, if you're gonna use that as an excuse, maybe you should just kill yourself now. Oh, wait. You might regret that. So continue living your life. Oh, again. You might regret it! There is nothing you can do to guarantee life free of regrets.

Although I've never genuinely regretted something, I'm not stupid enough to believe that regret is nothing more than an excuse.

A life without regret? People laugh at this. But I've lived a life without a single regret. I got excellent grades, I got everything I asked for, I got an allowance for doing nothing more than be good at skool. I have lots of reasons not to have regrets, but I'd probably bore you if they were all listed.

My life...wthout regrets. Pretty amazing, right?

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