Warning: Takes place in an alternate universe, where Saf has died... This is strictly non-canon, and is for ONLY entertainment use.

Within the walls, tapping, tapping

Within my head, screaming, screaming

My heart, filed with terror and dread, beating, beating.

I see him, staring, staring.

I turn, and he’s vanishes, like the wind blowing, blowing.

I crumble onto the floor, sobbing, sobbing.

I wail, punching the wall with hatred, hatred.

I loved him, he loved me forever more, forever more.

I guess forever isn’t as long as it seems…

My life is empty, empty

Empty without him.

So meaningless, so pathetic.

I grab the silver blade from the shelf, shining, shining

I raise it my eyes, ready, ready.

I plunge it to my chest, forceful, forceful.

I feel no pain, only bliss as I lie there bleeding, bleeding, slipping, slipping.

And now, my darling, I’m with you

For eternity, eternity.

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