Closing her eyes, she sighed. No longer did she try. Her life was wasted, no longer worth fighting for. No point in doing anything. It was too late.

She had a small number of friends, but even then, they easily ignored her. She would often fall asleep so that it would't seem as bad, so that there would be a reason that she was ignored...Not just the fact that she could easily fade with the stark white walls surrounding her.

She drew another heavy sigh. No tears. None to cry. Her head drooped forward, lifelessly. If she were to stop breathing, she could almost appear dead. The bright sea-foam green she once had began to become dull. She had lived a decent life, never has she been bullied, nor abused, but she always felt empty. And nothing can fill it. It's the kind of emptiness that sucks up everything around it, but never fills. Makes you think of a black hole. Even her happiness has its emptiness...

It lasts for so little, she doesn't even bother to feel happy any longer. Her body fell to the floor in a hollow matter, and she landed without even a sound. Lighter than a feather. A withering flower, once beautiful and full of potential, collapsing into eternal slumber.

If she were to die on that floor, no one would notice. No one would care. It's all in a matter of time. And so, she closed her eyes. She stopped breathing. Her heart stopped beating. And her brain shut down. Even her PAK closed off, short circuiting, and falling off helplessly to the floor.

Finally, she was at peace.


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