I just thought of the first sentence of this and decided to write about what made Lusio Nami *think that's his name* evil. See I can't even remember the name of my own OC. XD

A short man sat with his back against a destroyed building. A cat ran along the top of the rubble, chasing something. An orb that looked as if it had once been a plastic ball was on the ground next to him. It had a blue light inside of it, and around that light flashed a lighter blue lightning. Around him were tall, metal, buildings, all burnt and with no sign of any life. Walking between the buildings was an alien. It had antenna shaped like the top of an eigth note, blue clothing, and gloves. The man, Lusio, recognized this species of alien. It was an Irken, and one he knew. It was a girl. Her name was Ceer, and she was the one who had brought him to this planet. She had shown him Irk, and how it was a "wonderful" place. It turns out Irk was cruel, stupid, and awful. Then, he'd asked her to be alone, found this city, and, looking at the Irkens, hating them, wanting them dead, a blue light appeared inside of his plastic ball that he always carried around. Lightning flashed around the light as he wanted the Irkens destroyed. The buildings caught on fire and crumbled. As he watched, he felt like it was his destiny. To destroy. To kill. Now, the Irken he had traveled with, Ceer, was here to see what he'd done. He smiled. Good. She would know this was his true self. He stood, picked up the orb, and turned to face her. There were tears in her eyes. "How could you do this?" She sobbed. "Oh, I simply found my true self. You Irkens are horrible. Careless. I loved you, Ceer, but really, you're just a stupid fool who can't even see the bad that you're doing." "Lusio!" She said. "How can you say that?! You've changed. No one will ever love you! THey won't believe you!" He clenched his theeth and growled. "How do you know they won't believe me? They'll praise me for killing some of the horrible things that are Irkens! If there's one thing I've always wanted, it was to be famous! And I will get it!"

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