"We don't have to live this way! We are equal! We are together! We are one!"

Zay stood atop a podium, hand-in-hand with Dib, En standing beside her as well.

She was fighting for the rights of shorter Irkens, she knew that they all needed to be treated equally.

"We need to stand up and resist being ruled by the Tallests! According to them, shorter Irkens shouldn't be allowed to walk in the same street as the taller ones! Do we really want to be treated this way?!"

The crowd of short Irkens shouted, "No!"

The taller Irkens looked at Zay in disgust. How dare she meddle with the order of things.

Zay knew it was dangerous to be a wanted criminal on this planet, and stand in broad daylight, in front of everyone, but she didn't care, she wanted to stop this horrible rein.

En called out, "According to the Tallests, we short Irkens are nothing but filth that will never amount to anything!"

They group of short Irkens cried out in fury.

A lone Irken stood, and yelled, "I would kill someone before they insult me and my friends! And let them execute me for it!"

The crowd cheered.

"They may insult me, and yes, I will get angry, but I will never resort to killing!" Zay yelled out.

"But they will imprison us!" Someone yelled.

"Yes, but I will go, without a fight," En said.

"Have you ever been to prison?! They will beat us! And hurt us!" Someone else called.

"Yes, they will beat me, and yes, it will hurt, they might even kill me, but what will they have? My dead body, but they will not have, my obedience!" Zay shouted.

Suddenly she was hit. Hit on the back of the head, by a police Irken.

En gasped.

"Zay!" Dib yelled.

Zay slowly fell of the podium and to the ground, then everything, went black...

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