Dib groaned and slowly stood back on his feat. He had fallen over the edge of the rocks after watching the sunrise. "The magic must've worn off." he said to himself. He stepped back to the sand castle Keef had built. Wind was slowly blowing sand off the top. Melvin and Scipy were walking back too. He had no idea where Zim was. The Irken was probably just not there. Keef stepped out, yawning. "The magic must be over," he called to Dib. "Yeah, I know what you mean," he called back. The castle was now crumbling to a pile of sand. Melvin and Scipy were soaked. "Looks like the sand castle's dead," said Scipy. Melvin nodded. Zim then came out of the car-plane they used to get there. They stepped over to him. "I was making sure it was ready," he said.
They all got into the thing to go back. Zim and Dib were talking about stuff. Scipy was trying to break the fourth wall 'cause this paragraph is getting really boring. Melvin and Keef just sat there 'cause I have nothing for them to do. Scipy threw a rock at the fourth wall. "Hey! Can you make this less boring?" she yelled. "One, use your own magic to do something, two, why don't you turn the radio on? The car-plane has one." her creator, I.Scipy, called back. "Fine..." she sighed and turned on the radio. Of course, I.Scipy had programmed it so that only boring music could play, making this paragraph even more boring. I.Scipy entered 'define boring' into Google to make sure she was typing right. She decided to join them, because this paragraph is just getting worse by me typing how boring it is.

"Okay, now that that's over, what should we do?" She said. "Well, I think we could use some fun music," Keef said. I.Scipy found some on YouTube (she has her laptop with her). "So, Zim, I see you and Dib aren't yelling at each other." she said. "We decided to be friends. You should know that, you wrote the story." Dib told her. "Whatever. Can we speed this up a bit? I wannna finish the epilogue," she said. "We land when we land! Shut up!" Zim snapped

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