Chapter 1
Skool was ending today. Everyone was signing yearbooks, cheering, and saying goodbyes. "Students,
STUDENTS! Get to your class!" barked Ms. Bitters. Everyone rushed to their classrooms, grumbling. First, they
had math. "So, today in math, we're going to learn how to use phone numbers to call each other," said Ms. Bitters.
Scipy laughed. "Math is--See why I go here?" she whispered to Dib. "You will ask for each other's numbers and
keep them...starting NOW!" said the teacher. "So, who're you gonna keep in touch with this Summer?" Dib turn
around and asked Scipy. "Nobody," she replied. "I don't have a phone." "Why not?" Dib realized they were the
only two sitting. "Because," The hybrid turned away from him. "Does it scare you?" "Yeah," she turned to face
him. "And I also have no need for phones or iWhatevers. All I need is this laptop, and I'll be fine."  She turned
away from him again. "Hey Keef. You have an email?" Keef nodded. "Do you have some paper?" Scipy turned
back to Dib. "Keef's just a friend," she smiled. "You got an email?" she pushed him some paper. He wrote down
his email. She leaned over and whispered hers.  He wrote it down. "Here, Keef," she said, handing him the
paper after folding over Dib's email. He wrote his down. The girl told him hers, then got up to get some other
emails. Dib looked over at Zim. Scipy was asking him for his email. "...An email is something you use to send
people, er, messages. What's yours?" Zim nodded. "Oh. I think I have one," he looked over at Dib. "But I don't
want to say it in front of the Dib." She handed him the paper. "Here. Write it on this." He wrote in down and
walked away. She walked back to Dib. "So that's it, I guess." Dib looked at her. "That's it for the emails. Keef,
Melvin, you, Zim, right?" Dib nodded. "Wait! Do you needed Gaz's?" "No, not really." She paused. "I only need
you four."
Chapter 2
The next day, the four boys received an email from Scipy. "Tomorrow, we go on vacation, to one of the world's
most mysterious beaches. Pack your things today," Dib read. He found a few outfits, put them in his suitcase,
and tried to start a video transmission with Scipy. She had her headphones on. "Hey, Dib," she said. "Hi. Um,
Scipy, how long are we going to the beach?" he asked. "What?!" she said over the music. Dib repeated the
question louder. "How long are we going to the beach?!"
"What? Oh, one week."
"What are you listening to?'
"What did you say?!"
"You can't hear me?"
"Dib!" she paused her music so she could hear him. "What?" "Never mind." She closed the transmission. Then
she put the music back on. The rest of the boys got an email from Dib saying that they needed the supplies for
one week.

Chapter 3
Dib heard a knock on the door. He slowly got up and walked downstairs to see who it was. As he as walking
over to the door, the doorbell rang, and he heard someone scream  outside. He opened  the door to see that
had fallen over, clutching his hand, and smirked. "You fell over from ringing the doorbell, Zim," he said,
laughing. "Yes." The alien got up.  "Are we going, or what?"  "Sure, let's go. Just let me eat breakfast." A cat
jumped off of the ceiling and transformed into Scipy. "Breakfast? We're going to eat that when we get there,"
the hybrid informed. "Let's go!" she said happily, walking out the door with a creepy smile.  "Okay," said Dib,
and he followed her out.  Zim walked behind him, looking bored. 
When they arrived at Keef's house, Scipy banged on the door. Keef opened it with the same smile: Extremely
happy for no reason without moving his mouth.  "Melvin's coming," he told them. A few moments later, Melvin
rode up to them on his bike. "What about our stuff?" asked Dib. Scipy, Keef and Zim smiled as if hiding
something.  "O..kay. I was wondering where my suitcase went," Melvin responded.  The continued walking to
Zim's house.  Parked in front of it was a car with everyone's suitcases in it. "Wait! Who's driving?" Dib asked
quickly. "Well, I would, but this doesn't fly, so.." Zim answered, pressing a button on a remote control, revealing
the car's wings. "I thought you said it didn't fly," Keef said. They all climbed in and Zim started to drive. Soon
they were flying over the city, heading towards the beach. 
Chapter 4
"Zim!" someone shouted. "ZIM! ZIIIM!" The voice belonged to a girl- no, a male- or was it a girl? He couldn't tell.
All he could do was pilot the plane-car. "Zim! We're about to crash!" they shouted again. "Huh?" Then he saw a
tower. They all screamed as he almost hit it. "That..was really...close..guys" he said. "Now.., who...was me?" No answer. "It was a ghost!" shouted Dib. "It couldn't be," Scipy replied. "Or maybe it could
be." Zim shook his head. "Shut up! I'm trying to drive! Ah! Ah! A bee!" Scipy giggled. "I guess you forgot to bee-
proof the car-plane."  "Hey!" the Irken snapped. "Zim does not forget to bee-proof!" Everyone laughed. When
they looked down, they saw sparkling water and crashing waves, sandy sand and thousands of shells. "We're
here!" Keef smiled. Melvin continued staring out the window. Dib thought he saw a few mermaid tails. Zim
landed the plane slowly. Dib noticed his hands were shaking. The ocean was probably scaring him. Soon, the
car-plane landed gently on the soft sand. Snail shells glittered in the sun, creatures splashed through the water,
kids were playing with beach balls and sand toys, a large pile of rocks stood high above the sand, and one
could look down and watch everyone else. It was paradise, for all of them.
Chapter 5
They all looked up at the rocks above them. "I'm going to get some of these shells," Scipy said happily,
grabbing a bucket and scooping up some snail shells. Zim climbed up to the top of the rocks. "Filthy humans,"
he said to himself. Keef went to play with some of the other kids. Dib took his camera down to the ocean to
take pictures of the creatures. Melvin grabbed a fishbowl and ran down to the ocean with Dib. "I'm gonna be an
astronaut!" He shouted. "Hey everyone! Come check out my sand castle!" Keef called. He had created a tall
castle, and it was an entire hotel made out of sand. "," Scipy walked up to him, dragging
a bucket of shells behind her. "Can I make the food?" She asked. "Sure!" the boy smiled. He led her into the
kitchen. "Gather ingredients, I didn't know what to bring." The hybrid set her bucket down and nodded. "Okay,
I'll get anything I need." Keef watched her step out of the room.  He wondered where everyone else was. He
reminded himself to ask her if he could use her shells. He needed Zim for the plates and Melvin and Dib for the
decorations. Soon, she returned. She put a bucket of water down on the counter, a second bucket of white, soft
sand next to it, a third of hard dark sand and then a fourth of medium sand.  "Can I use your shells as
decorations?" he asked. The girl smiled. "Sure!"  Keef took a few from the bucket. Careful not to drop or break
any, he put one at each outline of a plate. Soon, Zim entered. "I guess I should come here to, since all you
filthy humans are in here." He looked at the table. "Impressive, for a human." he said. "But the plates need to
be better. Let Zim show you how to do it." He took out his PAK lasers and fired at the table, turning all the
outlines of plates and silverware into sparking glass. Sparks flew up mounds of sand, turning them into
glasses. The table became glass, and a tablecloth of sand fell over it. Little glass specks held it together. They
somehow heard a knock at the door. Keef went to get it. It was Dib and Melvin. "Do we need to dry off?" Melvin
asked. "Nah, the house is waterproof." Keef took them to the others. The drops of water turned the sand wet,
and it quickly hardened. Keef couldn't help but wonder, Was it Magic?
Chapter 6
A tabby cat walked down to the ocean. She sat down and let the tides hit her tail. The waves crashed in the
ocean. It was peaceful, quiet, and dark. Everyone else was asleep in the beachouse. The Moon hung high
above the waves. She stood up and transformed into something more humanlike. The hybrid stepped into the
water.  She walked as far as she could until the waves got rough. She switched back to a cat, thinking it would
be easier tob stay above the water. She most likely had been wrong. A large wave rose above her head, and it
plunged her underwater.  She struggled to get out, but she couldn't.  Too many waves were above here. She
hated waves. She couldn't switch forms either.  Then, someone with a fishbowl on thier head pulled her out.
Melvin! As soon as she was out, she switched forms and took a breath. Then she held her breath for the next
few seconds. "Thanksss," she said in a snake-like whisper. "No problem, " Melvin whispered back. They swam
back to where it was shallower. "You gonna stay out here too?" he asked. She nodded. "Why else would I be
out here?" Melvin had saved her life, and she couldn't help but wonder, Was it Magic?
Chapter 7
Melvin enjoyed bobbing up and down. It made him feel like an astronaut. He  let the waves take him higher and
higher toward the Moon. One extremely high wave lifted him up. He turned around, feeling like the world was in
slow motion, and saw the wave crash down on what looked like at cat. Scipy! He struggled against the waves
to follow the shape, barelly distinguishable from the sea.  Something crashed on his head, and when he looked
up, he was further out then he had even been before. He was focus on finding Scipy. As he got back, he
wondered if she had drowned. What if... He shook the thought from his head and focused on finding his
classmate. He dived under and searched for fur. He couldn't find anything. Then something struggling came
into veiw. He only knew one cat that would look like that. He grabbed the hybrid and pulled her up. He had
managed to find her and keep them both alive, and he couldn't help but wonder, Was it Magic?
Chapter 8
Dib wandered outside. He wanted to take some pictures of mermaids. He saw Melvin and Scipy were out there
too.  Zim was also awake, once again standing on the rocks. Dib squinted at the ocean. He treid to see
anything in there besides his friends and fish. He could barely see his friend's head in the darkness. He
stepped into the tides. Shells crunched beneeth his shoes.  A crab crawled over his foot, but that was the only
living thing there was.  He wasn't getting any luck on the ground. He looked up at Zim. Maybe he'd go up there.
Neither of them  would like it. He continued trying to get images in other locations, until he finaly decided to
climb the rocks. He walked next to Zim. "What do you want, Dib-filth?" he asked, without any anger in his voice.
"I'm just here to take pictures." The alien was surprisingly calm. "Yeah, this is a good place to see things, isn't
it?" "Yeah..." Dib agreed. "Zim?" The alien turned to look at him. "Yes?" "Why are you so calm right now?" he
asked. "Well, I...don't know, must be the waves."
"I thought you were afraid of water."
"I was, I still am," he shrugged. It was like they wanted to talk, but they didn't know what to say. "Dib?" said the
alien, breaking the silence. "Yeah?" Zim put a hand on his shoulder. "Uh, good luck on those pictures." Dib
nodded.  "Thanks," he finally said. "I'll need it." Zim smiled. "Of course you will." He kicked a pebble of the
tower. "You know Dib, sometimes I feel like I'm just one of you, a little human boy." "You do?" Dib questioned,
shocked. "Yes, I do." Zim nodded. "What was it like on Irk?" Dib wondered. "I was one of the shortest Irkens to
become an Invader. I killed two Tallest. I was banished to Foodcourtia. Any of those stories you want to hear?"
"The one were you killed two leaders sounds interesting."
"Okay. I was working in Vort Reasearch Station 9. Another Vortain, captain of the Resisty now, I belive, had
helped desiegn the Massive. When Miyuki came to examine, I showed them the energy absorbing blob, Cthulu,
and it absorbed engery from It then ate Miyuki and rampaged out into  the
planets. That's how we became enemies with the Vortains. Later, when we were seeing Tallest Spork, the
Cthulu came back to get it's collar from me. it loves it and it knows I had it." He pulled something out of his PAK
and held it up. It pulsed with energy. "I still do." Dib looked at the Irken. He had killed two of his leaders, and
created this monster thing. "How were your relationships with the leaders?" he asked. "I was born during
Miyuki's ruling. I didn't really care much for leaders then. I killed her." He smiled. "I was incredibly foolish back
then." Dib laughed. "You still are." "Yep. I still am" Zim nodded. "I barely got to know Spork. I killed him too."
Zim sat down with his legs hanging over the edge. Dib did the same. "But the current Tallest...I was a smeet
with them. I trained to be aan Invader with them. I ran from Cthulu with them. Purple used to be a bit more
sane. The blob dameged his PAK. We were sort of friends." "Do you still want to be friends with them?" Dib
asked. "Oh, I still do. They were fun." He looked at Dib. "You're a lot like them. You've got Purple's random
screaming and interupting, but Red's intellegence."
"I do?"
"Maybe..maybe we can be friends."
"Maybe. Someday we could."
"Well, how about today?" Dib looked over at the alien. He nodded. "Today, when the sun rises." They found
themselves holding hands during a beautiful sunrise, and they couldn't help but wonder, Was it Magic?
Was it Magic

Was it Magic?

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