Name: Vym
IMG 0610

Vym, normal outfit

Species: Human

Height: Same as Blin

Eye Color: Green

Hair Style: Straight

Symbol: Sombrero

Favorite Color: Red/Black

Age: Possibly 13

Birthday: March 5

Gender: Female

Love Interst: Blin

Most Likely to Say: "Hey! My name's Vym, what's up?"

Least Likely to Say: "Get away from me!"

Physical Appearence

Vym has dark skin, due to her Mexican heritage, and bright green eyes. she has short, dark eyelashes, and dark brown hair that falls to her shoulders. Her dress is bright red, with blick across the top, the bottom, and both sides. She wears tall, black boots, that cut off just below the dress.


She was a normal girl, she came from Mexico, at least, her family did, she always lived in Texas, very close to Mexico. She was always considered very pretty, but she always felt rather...alone...When her family decided to move to Zim's town, she was overjoyed, she couldn't wait to see new people, and new things. Here, was where she would meet new friends, enemies, and the love of her life.




Vym is typically very nice, and easygoing, but when irritated or threated by someone, she will get violent, angry, and dangerous. She can be a bit overprotective, (not nearly as much as Zay, but still overprotective), and will go to any lenghths to protect the ones she cares about, from any kind of danger, no matter how small. She loves to have fun, and do strange things, like throw flour at people, and launch various food items at diners in a resturaunt. Overall, she is a very fun and pleasant person.

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