Ven flying

Ven flyin I changed her wing color to that shade of red though :P

Name:Venous(perfers Ven)



Fav color:Lots of black


antenne style:curves backwards ending in a devil point

height: unknown



Smeets:Sig and Carmeleta


Irken:Ven has the normal light green skin,She like point.has black eyes that glisten might near all the time.Her antennes wave down around the side of her face and end in an arrow like point.She has large deep red wings that stretch out to bout ten feet.

Disguise:Ven's diguise consists of dark grey contacts,a black sleeve-less shirt,and smokey grey shorts with the legs cut at different lengths,white shaggy hair with black boarder that stops at her shoulders and black boots.


Rae:Before Ven met Rae,she was dark,hateful and gloomy,emotionaly not letting anyone near her.Not long after she met and got over a crush on Vix,she met Rae,falling for him hard.She knew he was different than the others.He constantly flirted with her,and she allowed it.Ven even allowed him to call her Dark beuaty and Dark Angle.Still Rae flirted,and eventually they shared a kiss.Now Ven loves Rae with all of her soul and being.She'd give her life for him and she knows that he'd do the same for her.

En:Ven and En are good friends.Once,En spent the day with Ven,helping her out with a few things.Ven had led her to a huge oak tree in the woods near her medow and fed some owlets that she was caring for.En wound up with a tiny,fuzzy friend,the runt of the nest.Ven had decided that En would take good care of the owlet because she trusts her.

more to come soon.....

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