Name: Vellion
Snapshot 20121122 3

Vellion (during the night, because he doesn't have his umbrella) drawn by MEH! (RBH :3)

Softly 002

Vellion (Drawn by DSM. Thankies!)

Species: Dark Wizard (Half vampire, half wizard)

Height: Undefined. Can grow as tall as he likes, but is also naturally tall.

Eye Color: Orange

Age: Unknown. (He's immortal)

Gender: Male

Love Intrest: Devi

Physical Appearance

Vellion is wears a dark black T-shirt with a faded white design on the front with a long, black jacket, dark black skinny jeans, tall, black steel toed boots, and he always carries a dark black umbrella since he can die from the sun. He has orange eyes, and long, shaggy black hair.


Vellion is very dark and depressing. He hates all mortals and thinks that almost everyone is incompetent idiots. Everyone except for Devi of course. Devi, his girlfriend, is the only person he shows any liking too, much less affection for. He has a very low tolerance for stupidity and incompetence.



When Vellion first met Devi, it was in the chatroom, and their creators wanted to pair them up. They both said that romance was meaningless, and that they didn't mean it, but Vellion knew that what he was saying was just words. He often called her and some of the things she did 'hot' without thinking, but once he realized it, it was too late. Vellion had never felt this way towards anything in his life, yet he strangly liked it. The two finally share a kiss, and become a couple.


Vellion thinks Liz an incompetent idiot and hates her. He set her jacket on fire when she threw a rock at him and Devi when they were hugging.


Vellion tries to keep his distance from Coal, because he says that Coal is too angelic, and Vellion is pure evil, but in reality, most dragons are vampire resistant.

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