VAZR, is the
IMG 1574

I Won't Let You Fall By: Invader Gia

pairing of Zepta and Vix


Zepta thinks Vix is extremely cute, and likes to assist him in his plans for conquest. She will do anything she can to spend time with him, and will obey his every command. She practically faints when he says something remotely nice to her. She doesn't know if Vix likes her at all, but he spends more time with her than with anyone else, and that makes her happy.


Vix sees Zepta as an ally and nothing more. He tends to act nicer to her than anyone alse, and shows some compassion for the princess, by complimenting her on occasion. He sometimes feels odd around her, but thinks nothing of it. If the planet is ever destroyed, he plans to have all of the Armorians except Zepta and her best friend perish.

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