"Warm bowl of water, check! Notepad and pencil, check! Key that can open any thing, check!"

Dynamic Rodiker and Bill Cipher gathered the ingredients for Dynamic's new prank. It was 11, which was curfew for MU students.

Which made her prank much more easier.

Bill Cipher stuck his small body onto Dynamic's backpack. Dynamic smirked, and walked out of the room.

"Now...which way was the OK Fraternity house?," Dynamic asked Bill.

"Left, then turn around that corner, and you'll be there.," the Dream Demon replied.


Dynamic ran across the street, dodging cars and other objects. Then, she saw it.

The green and white house was there, sporting windows, a door, and a few other knick-knacks as well.

"Time for Pee-Body to make a comeback."

Using her claws, Dynamic climbed up the wall do the nearest window. Getting out her Key-that-can-open-anything, she used it on the locked window, and walked in.

Randall was right there, sleeping in his bed. "Sound sleeper.," Dynamic though. "But now he's a bed wetter."

Tip-toeing with the slightest of ease, she put the warm bowl down on Randall's nightstand. Then, she lifted up his arm.

"Eww! It smells...pretty good, actually.," Dynamic said. With that, she dunked his hand in the water, and started writing something. She then put the piece of paper on the dresser.

"Sweet dreams, BOGGS.," Dynamic said. With that, she jumped out the window, and closed it.

Next Morning...

Birds were chirping as Randall woke up. Last night, he had a dream that Dynamic got bullied and HE took Dynamic's role.

"Greatest dream ever.," Randall said.

It was then he felt a little...warm. Which was good for a reptile, but then he looked down.


The birds flew away from Randall's screams of terror. Did...did he WET his bed?

No. No, he couldn't have. He drank a sip of water before going to bed, and that was it. Nothing else.

Then, he looked down. A bowl of water was knocked onto the floor. He then felt the floor, and realized how WARM the water was.

A note fell onto his head. Picking it up, he started to read it.

"Dear Pee-Body, who has the Pee-Body title NOW? You should NEVER messed with me or my sisters. Now, beware my next prank. See ya!"

"Made with hatred, Dynamic Rodiker."


Oh, yeah! I went there!

Review, please!

Meme911 (talk) 01:47, August 13, 2013 (UTC)Meme911

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