What a strange human device by jackfreak1994-d32q4k3

i love this pic!it's so funny!

Einstein level

if you can read this,you get a muffin and a strong mind!


go on Dib take the radioactive shrimp.

Two seperat worlds

this is Zeel in and out of her disguize.

The dansen of doom

laugh and you die!this is Deathbloom doing carremella dansen and Espio passed out.

Blind by jackfreak1994-d3e31ex

i feel like Gaz most of the time.


HyperHearts58 is just so freakn' awsome!

Very funny by Kate V

this is a good reason why Sonic shouldn't search himself on Deviant Art XD and yes in the picture in the back ground they are playing twister

Screen Shot 2012-08-07 at 7.40.15 PM

Humanized Rae and Zeel by Yukinautau Totally awsome RAZRness

Minuscule Brain 1024 768

this is so true!! XD


I drew this at a friends house today. Art work done by Zeel^^

EVE and Creepie by Skyline19

EVE'S like"really"

Scourge the Hedgehog Advise by NinjaHaku21

this is so me!!!XD

Zombie Mighty

Zombie Mighty O_0 I drew this


no way they can servive!




My first time drawing him.guess who it is.


this is Rex.

Xee failed this time!

Xee failed this time XD

Jonny Krueger

this is the JAZR Jon dressed up as "Jonny Krueger" inspired by Will Smith's song "Nightmare on My Steet" XD i had to XD

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