Hehe, I did one of these a while back, but since everyone's doing them I thought I'd join in ;)

So anyway, ask a question to Luun, NAE, Blin or everyone, and they'll answer! ^_^

Looking forward to hearing your questions :D

Question 1

Dusc: HIIII! I like to ask RANDOM questions so here's one! Do you like peanut-butter-and-banana sandwhiches?! I do! I loves them good! Oh and by the way this goes to EVERYBODY! :D Kaythanksbye!

Blin: Hey Dusc! You know, I haven't actually tried them, but they sound great! :D

NAE: I is allergic to p-nut.. :'<

Luun: Y..yes... I really like them.. <:)

Question 2

Mas: Hi, Luun! I see you draw all the time... so what do you like to draw the most...?

Luun: umm... I guess I like drawing from nature.. A..and I like designing clothes... <:)

Question 3

Drace: This is for all of you, ok? *smiles* Ok, so, what is your favourite ice-cream? Just wondering... :p

Blin: Strawberry! :D

NAE: I like all of 'em! :3

Luun: umm.. I like mint... <:)

Question 4

Cece: Wanna a flower? :3

Blin: Yeah, sure! Thanks :D

NAE: Yay! Flowa! ^_^

Luun: are you sure..? Thankyou very much.. :O

Question 5

Zeel:Hiya Luun,i starting an art club and i was wondering if you'd like to join.Would you?

Luun: that sounds like it might be fun... Maybe I will.. :)

Question 6

Zlim:Who is your closest friend?

Blin: Everyone! :D


Luun: Umm... I'm not sure...

Question 7

Ven:Do you like any one and if so who is it?

Blin: Like? Like, as in romantically? No, not at the moment. :)

NAE: I think I like TAZ :P

Luun: No... I think I'd like to, but I don't... :S

Question 8

Gismo:Any one want cake?

Blin: sure! :)

NAE: YAY! Cakey! :D

Luun: umm.. If that's okay... <:)

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