Bah! I can't talk to meh friend for about a few dayz! Gah! Annoyin'ness.

I have a question, too: I was told that an Irken that has emotions is defective. This can't be true, can it? I mean, if it was, Tak and Skoodge would be defective, right? Tak showed anger and hatred and Skoodge almost started crying his little eyes out in front of the Tallest. I'm going with my theory that a defective Irken is one that is very emotionally unstale like Zim is. Like my fanfic says, he isn't usually in control over his emotions and when he is, he loses his comtrol quite quickly. It seems that way on Invader Zim as well, which is why I tossed that in there.

And so that's pretty much it. Oh, wait, HAVE A HAPPY SUMMER!!! I love summer...

Inveder Moss out.

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