We all know who the Loituma Girl is, do we not? That retarded-looking chick on who spins the stupid leek with a idiotic smile plastered on her face? Yeah, I found out where she's originally from. I was watching Bleach a couple nights ago with my dad. Ichigo(if I remember correctly Rukia was with him) was walk down the street and Ohedemei or whatever the crap her name is was walking around the town/city and they started talking and she took out a leek and a shopping bag. When the background changed, she spun the leek and sarted talking. Someone took that and put the music to it. Now the anime Loituma Girl is super popular. Stupid, right??

It turns out my mom nevr knew I pwned any bras until yesterday. She said that she was waiting for me to tell her that I wanted one. I looked at her for a moment befor replying: "WHY WOULD I TELL YOU???"

I discovered a freakish story on and it's REALLY stupid. It's called "The Toa Go On a Road Trip." It's rated M for "swearing, puking, drugs, and violence."

GIRLCHAN IN PARADISE!!! One of the dumbest things ever. Go watch all four episodes on YouTube. :) They're really funny.

Last, but not least, I'M LEARNIN' JAPANESE!!!!!!! I can say two things: "Ningyo no seiko" and "Anato o fakku." Yay! Progress!

Invader Moss, out.

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