Last night SUCKED. I wasn't feeling wellz. It was like...Kyo-eating-a-leek level bad. It sucked. A lot.

I was watching the sixth episode of "Fruits Basket" and found one of the best scenes. I thought it was really funny.

(Kyo gets up, but Arisa gets in his way. He tries to get around her but she blocks him so he can't get past)

Arisa: Oh, yeah? Some tough guy. You're running away!

Kyo: I'm not running, I'm goin' to the bathroom!

Arisa: Aww, you gotta take a leak?

Kyo: What's it to you??

Arisa: You better hurry. We don't want you to pee yourself.

I started laughing and my brother looked at me like I was a complete and utter retard.

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