Hiya wikians! This is co-admin Gia! I just have a random question for all of you, what songs do you think describe IZ Shippings and characters, it can be any character or shipping. Here are some examples.

"Hyperlink" By Eiffel 65 for Jon + Liz

"One Day" By Matisyahu for Dib

Stuff like that, just put your character and shipping songs in the comments, I'll have some too :)

Type it like this: "Song" by Artist for Character

Have fun! ^-^

"And to make it even sweeter, I'll land the Massive right on top of your giant, landing pad-sized, moster of a head, which is disturbingly large!" "AHHHHH! Quit making fun of my head! AHHHH!" 03:20, July 7, 2012 (UTC)

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