As the title states, I have a new drawing idea! It's kind of weird, but I want to draw it anywayz :P So, here it , Invader Zim as Monster High Now I know it sounds kind of stupid, but it actually kind of makes sense when you think about it. Here are some of the roles I have filled.

  • Meg = Operetta (With their love for music and light hardheadedness, I think Meg and Operetta match pretty well...Plus I ship Operetta X Holt as my MH OTP XD)
  • Tanri = Cleo De Nile (Kind of selfish, and stuck up, how does this not scream Tanri?)
  • DJ Flask = Holt Hyde (They're both awesome, and they're both DJs :D)
  • Mia = Frankie Stien (I thought I this because of her peppy, pleasant attitude :P)
  • Medli = Abbey Bominable (Strong, proud, intimidating, and unintimadateble, but deep down, very soft, vulnerable and innocent :D)
  • Sol = Torelai (Or however you spell it XD But, they're both really evil, and could care less about anyone but their friends)
  • Vym = Clawdeen Wolf (With her love for fashion, and flirtatious behavior, I think they could work out wonderfully)
  • Vix = Deuce Gorgon (ONLY because Tanri is Cleo)
  • Zepta = Venus McFlytrap (Loud, proud, and unafriad to be themselves. I think Venus and Zepta match together well)
  • Luun = Draculaura (Both of them being vegetarians, and loving the environment around them)
  • May = Ghoulia Yelps (They're both very smart :D)
  • Zay = Lagoona Blue (Loving animals and being very nice overall, Zay and Lagoona are very similar to me)
  • FJ Dask = Heath Burns (Both very flirtatious, and irritate almost everyone they come across XD)
  • Faybien = Jackson Jekyll (They're both very shy and tend to hide in the shadows a lot)
  • Gem = C. A. Cupid (They're both in love with love :3)
  • Kit = Purrsephone (Very sweet and innocent, despite her twin being very dark and cruel)
  • Kat = Meowldy (The darker of the two Werecat twins)
  • Synthia = Robecca Steam (They both love to live on the edge and take risks. But Neither of them know very much about their pasts)
  • Rai = Clawd Wolf (Very sporty, and a huge sweetheart. Although, Rai is much clumsier XD)

That's all I've got for now, but if you hav any suggestions, just let me know!

That's all for now, until next time!

This is Invader Gia, signing off!

"Unless someone like you, cares a real whole lot, nothing is going to get better, No it's not." 16:23, August 23, 2012 (UTC)

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