Ok, so I'm bored, only had 4 hours of sleep and has nothing to do... SO WHY NOT YOU GUYS ASK SOME QUESTIONS FOR DRACE TO ANSWER!!! :D

Drace: Nice to know that I dont have a saying this...

Me: *covers his mouth* So ask away! ^^

Drace: *rolls eyes*

So, ask the questions, and Drace will answer with a drawing... ^^

Question 1:

Shiina: Hm... Let's pretend I just completely beat you up and then Daniile gave you a potion to heal in less than a minute and gave you a weapon that could easily kill me if you knew how to use it. Would you try to gain a victory over me if you had to kill Haru, who has done NOTHING to you, to get to me?

Drace: Let's just say, I don't kill people... I don't even like to hurt people, so I would say no...

Question 2:

Hiro: What are your TRUE feelings toward Sadi?

Drace: Well, I really like her, we are good friends! ^^ *Rubs bad arm, which is wrapped up* Even if she did hurt me, I forgive her... *smiles*

Question 3:

Kyo: Will you try to talk some sence into this little girly-boy for me?? *traps Momiji in a headlock*

Drace: What do you want me to do? Let him do what he wants! ^^

Question 4:

Momiji: Waah! Kyo's hurting me! Can I borrow a leek?

Drace: Sure! *Hands Momiji a leek* Have fun! *Smiles*

Question 5:

Blin: What music do you like? :D

Drace: I like every kind of music! ^^ You name it... :P

Question 6:

NAE: What's your favourite cake?? :D

Drace: Chocolate... why...?

Question 7:

Luun: Umm... H... how are you today... <:)

Drace: I'm good, thanks! *smiles* How about you?

Question 8:

Zay: Is it true that you actually like Gem?!

Drace: *blushes* W-Well... a little...

Question 9:

Gia: What do you think about your adoptive creator?

Drace: I guess she's ok... not bad, not good...

Me: Thanks...?

Question 10:

Zar: What do you think about news and photography?

Drace: I like it. News is very interesting and for photography, I used to take pictures of Irkens all the time ^^

Question 11:

Tayree: Why are you so kind to me? Everyone is normally terrified, so why aren't you?

Drace: Because I'm always kind to people... I don't mind you, for me, your a nice Irken *smiles* You seem like a fun kind of girl

Question 12:

Sadi: Um....Ok, Drace, i wanted to ask you in person erm irken,How do you feel about me,and are you sure your arm is ok?It seems to be getting worse. *Looks worried*

Drace: Well, your a great friend! *Smiles* Everything about you makes me smile... and yes, I'm sure... *Rubs arm* It feels better everyday...

Question 13:

Zlim: Yo Drace,wad'you like best about Sadi?

Drace: *Smiles and shrugs* Everything... the same about everyone else, really...

Question 14:

Sage: *Slinks over to Drace* Can i haves a dounut?

Drace: Sure! *Pulls out a box full of dounuts* Do you want one or all of them? *Smiles*

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