I have a few stories that I'll be writing in the near or far future. Here are some of the better ones. In my opinion.

1) Why? Zim is in jail for reasons unknown and has Tak try and bail him out. Tak is reluctant but she has to since Dib has her captive and Dib wants Zim out only so HE can personally get an autopsy on Zim. Meanwhile crime is at a high and only one mysterious person has helped the town. Too bad they cant figure out who it is.

2) Dibstep Meat, water, and barbeque sauce burn him. Ice-cream has an odd unknown but dangerous effect on him. Noodles turn him into a freaky vampire. Oh and add juice to the list of things that can somehow harm him. No, we're not talking about some kid's humongous allergy list, but Zim's never-ending effects to Earth items. What happens when he discovers Dubstep? Something you'll NEVER imagine.

3) Gir Was Too Late Zim is captured. And it's not by the Swollen Eyeballs at least he doesnt think. Surely they dont have a headquarters on the moon. That's highly improbable... but not impossible. But, does Dib haev anything to do with it? More than likely. How about Gaz? It wouldn't not make sense. Does Zim himself have anything to do with it? Absolutely.

4) On The Set of DOOM Wow... really corny title. You think the cast of Invader Zim gets everything on the first try? Pfft, yeah, not in this universe. Join me as deleted scenes and bloopers are revealed. Oh and did I mention,... I'M THE DIRECTOR!

5) Mottephobia Zim has only one thing to be worried about... moths. More specifically an annoying little black-winged one who knows his secrect identity.

I might add more... depends.

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