Hi, everyone, Founder Hyper again.

For those of you who like my past stories I think it's my duty to announce to you that I am deleting them. So between today and tomorrow if you have a request. like for me to finish a certain one so you can keep it on a Word document or something please tell me on this blog. I'm sorry but I cannot stand the way I use to write and if we were ever to get more users I don't want to show them my worst, but my finest. So please tell me your requests and you have 2 DAYS to request or copy and paste the stories to a document so you can save it, only if you want to. Because by Wednesday all of my stories will be gone and I will be creating much more to fill in the gap. I am sorry for the inconvenience, or I am sorry for wasting your time with this blog if it doesn't matter to you. Either way, 2 DAYS.

Thank you for reading.

Found Hyper, signing off~

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