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    (I don't think this deserves an article, since technically this is a non formal and very short essay about a ship)

    Some of you might be suspecting that I'm a ZaDR shipper... WELL YOU'RE RIGHT! (*EL GASP*), so I wanted to share with you why this couple is actually special to me.

    Pardon me if I slip in Wishful Thinking once in a while, I hate it, but seems that shippers tend to do that a lot XD.

    I once read a metaphor in a book about life, in that book they compared the humans with Donkeys, the life with a Mill, and the hapiness with a Carrot. This works like this, a donkey will never carry the weight that moving the mill means, unless there is a motivation; if you tie a carrot in front of it's snout, it will try to reach it. The donkey only need…

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