Why do I live here?

Not only does Maria bully me everyday, but now, Bucket Master thinks dropping things that make babies on me is funny. I wanna die so badly.

Why am I not loved?

I came here for new friends, and instead, I got kids who care about suicide! Why am I so different? Then it hit me:


They hate me for my glitch. They think I'm like that Dib kid, always crazy. Now, I want to get revenge so badly, but no matter what I do, they don't care! I always end up humiliated, and I'm sick of it!

I'm crying as I write this.

If only they could see what it's like to be me. If only I could change myself into someone people would love.

Then, I realized that someone could help me:


That kooky scientist is always trying out weird inventions, so, why not tell him to make a Human-Izer? They'll all love me.

I hate who I am. No one cares for me, but they will soon! From this day forth, I am...


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