"You know the universe seems to hate you... Zim? Are you listening?"

"Yes, the universe hates Zim."

"What are you staring at?" he shoved me out the way of my computer and peered at the screen.

I pushed him away, but he caught onto my desk at the right time and pulled himself upright again.

I huffed and rubbed my temples for a moment before looking back to the screen.

"No seriously, what are you reading? I cant understand any of it!" the human said in his sickening accent.

Oh that's right, he doesnt know, "Some science formulas."

"Those are some weird looking formulas." he wondered staring at the screen, he laid one of his meaty,... grubby... germ-infested fingers on my computer screen, "What does that mean?"

I swatted his hand away like a fly and growled, "It means, get out of my ba-I mean- lab."


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