"Oh, Eve, what did you do?" Zay asked while she cleaned a pile of mud and other various items off of the kitchen floor.

"It was his idea, Mommy," The little amber-eyed girl replied, wiping off her hands on the white dress she wore.

"Eve, Honey, don't mess up your dress, and whose idea did you say this was?"

"His, We were making a mud pie, we just added milk, orange juice, corn flakes, sugar, flower petals, the head of Zag's Jack-In-The-Box, and a wet sock."

"Why would you do something like this?"

Eve shrugged, "He told me it was gonna be fun, and that it didn't matter what you or Daddy said about it."

Zay shook her head, "It does matter, this was very bad, I'll ask you again, whose idea was this?"

"My friend's, he always likes to play with me, he said tomorrow we can play with Daddy's scissors and Zag's Teddy Bear."

Zay sighed, "What's his name, Sweetheart?"


"Liam?" She questioned. "Why haven't I seen him before?"

"Because," Eve replied, "Nobody can see him."

"...Nobody can see Liam?"

Eve shook her head, "Nope, nobody but me."

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