This character belongs to ~InvaderXeena~ Or, LMX. Please do not edit this without her permission. This means you, Yuki.EditEdit

Character created by ~InvaderXeena~. If you steal this character, she will kick you in your numpnuts. You've been warned.

Name: Toxik

Species: Irken

Eye color:  Pink/Black


Hair color: Dirty blonde (disguise)

Age: 13 (Irken) 130 (Human)

Siblings: None

Symbol: Heart


Appearance:  Toxik's skin is pure white. She wears a long, purple dress with a black necklace thing. Her dress sleeves are puffy, and her artif....icial (fake) sleeves are pink with light pink stripes. She has a green, a pink, and a white stripe going down the middle of her dress, and she wears leggings. One leg is purple with pink stripes,  and one is pink with purple stripes. Same with her shoes. She has purple.. thingies going down her eyes, and she has a small heart on her left cheek. Her antennae are black and pink.

Disguise: She wears a long sleeved pink shirt, with pink stripes on her sleeves, and puts on a purple dress over it. She wears purple leggings, and pink shoes. She wears blue eye contacts, and make her skin a peachy color. She puts on a dirty blonde wig to hide her antennae.

Personality: Toxik is a very crazy and spazztic Irken, and loves to have adventures. She's always doing something fun.

Relationships: TBC

Most likely to say: "COME ON! LET'S DO SOMETHING FUN!"

Least likely to say: "I will not participate in something so dangerous and stupid."


Toxik is one of her Creator's more complicated characters.

Her Creator mispelled Toxik's name over 10 times creating her page. (Toxki)

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