He has pale blond hair and light blue eyes. He usually wears a dark blue shirt jeans, and black and white Converse shoes.


He is shy and quiet around people he doesn't know due to his many insecurities. He has many past memories that hurt him, though he refuses to lose them, no matter how painful it is when they're triggered. Because of how long he's been insecure, he cuts himself, and seems to enjoy it. He was abused almost his entire life and only knows love from two people.

He loves to cook, clean, organize, and sew. He considers these things extremely "girly," and is a bit ashamed of being good at them, and even more so of enjoying them. He also keeps a journal for all his feelings and thoughts, and thinks of it as something that only girls are supposed to have because he has repeatedly been called gay because of it.


Liz—Liz and Tino became best friends the same day they met. He loves being around her and he does what he can to make her feel happier. (This seems like a mutual thing.) She makes him feel very secure and, although he is dating someone, Liz could possibly be a love interest of this, though this has not been confirmed.

Saadet—Saadet is always taking Tino's hat. She also likes insulting him and apparently using him as a pillow. He has been having fewer problems with her since he met Liz.

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