A young fourteen-year-old girl sat on her bed, thinking. She twirled her short brown hair between her fingers and her deep blue eyes sparkled dimly. She was thinking about what was going to happen within the next few weeks. She sighed, looking at her computer screen.

"Six more days till im 15..." she muttered to herself. "And less than three weeks till he moves away..."

She folded her legs close to her body and wraped her arms around them, placing her head on her knees. It seemed like her life was falling apart. Her best friend since fifth grade was convinced that she was going to be forgotten, her family wasn't exactly very helpful, and her boyfriend was moving to Oxford.

How...could this get any worse? she silently asked herself.

Then she felt something tap her ankle.

"Huh?" she said, looking up. There at the foot of her bed was a young irken girl with long dark blue hair, grey eyes, and lightening bolt antennae. Beside her was a young irken male. His antenneas resembled Zim's but seemed frayed at the ends. His eyes were a somewhat-blueish color.

"Shim? Zeel? What are you guys doing here?" the human girl asked.

Zeel smiled. "You seemed lonely Amber," she said, her antenneas twitching slightly. Shim glanced at Amber's computer screen and saw the chat box.

"Hmm...I see your kind of talkative on chat." Shim looked at who all was in the chat room. He saw that LMX, DSM, Hyper, and Gia were all online. He grinned. "Eh...mind if I borrow your laptop for a second?"

Amber looked at him quizically. "...Um...sure...but why?"

Shim just gave a sly grin and that was all Amber needed. She chuckled half-heartedly as Shim took her laptop to her drawing desk.

Zeel face-palmed then turned back to her creator. "Anyway," she began, "we noticed you seemed glum and down in the dumps 'bout something."

Amber glanced at her covers. "Yeah...I guess you could say that..."

A roar of laughter made the two look up. Shim was laughing so hard he tipped the chair he was sitting in backwards.

Zeel shook her head. "Just...don't mind him for now... He's probably talking to LMX and she said something that struck him as funny."

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