The cherry ribbon project is this Wiki's own support group. If you wish to be apart of this group, just message me, Yukinautau.

Who are we?

If you didn't fully understand the intro we are the Invader Zim Shipping Fanon's own support group, we help users with problems such as suicide, family problems, stress, anger, sadness, and just normal problems we all have. Our lead supporters will try to be on when you are on, and we can be a hotline on the chat in Personal Message. We will always listen to your problems, and not judge. We will try to compromise and will stay and chat with you as long as you need us.

Why Cherry Ribbon?

Being that most of the users on this wiki's problem involves suicidal actions, we chose cherry as it is a color similar to human blood, and as well as a bit of irony being some users are alergic to cherries. A ribbon is often a symbol of hope, reminder, and personal things, you'll fine more about that later on.

So besides help, what does this all mean?

If you wish to support the group, it would be great to take cherry red ribbon, and tie it either around your finger, or self harm scars. If you can't afford the ribbon, and if you are comfortable with sending out your address (most people aren't so its okay) a roll of cherry red ribbon will be sent to you. 

Our main goal?

Our main goal is save users lives, make them happier, and help relieve stress to see life a better way. If on certain days of the week (and if you are on the chat) I will hand out my phone number if you need to talk to someone and hear them. Our overall goal, is to help bring this wiki back to its original joyous way, its shipping right? Shipping means love, so why don't we all learn some love as well


If you ever need me, I'll make sure your okay. 

With love, Yukina Momako.

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