Randall was just laying there on a solid, cold floor. He felt like he was a traitor. Now even his closest friends didn't like him.

Amy, Meme, Cadence...he lost them. Dynamic was to blame, and she would pay.

But she wouldn't. Because everything he does was appearantly stupid, worthless, and really dumb to everyone.

"Wake up, wimp."

Randall looked around. No one was there, except him and a chair of some sorts.


A purple lizard appeared from behind Randall. Wait...was that HIM? It was, except he was missing his glasses, and this Randall was a dark shade of purple instead of his lighter-shade.

"Well, Boggs, I feel your pain. I come from 5 years in the future, and SULLIVAN is always better than me.," Other Randall said.

"Sulley? Why?"

"Cause' he's the bigger monster! He thinks he so superior when I should be getting the likes! Diana is there, too!"

"SHE IS?!"

"Yep. Tell ya what. If you sell me your good heart, I'll give you my power to fight back," Other Randall told Randall.


"C'mon! It's for a good cause! Diana will be scared of you, and you'll be the hero of the university!"

Randall thought. He would say yes, but...

"Deal's a deal, idiot!!!" Other Randall got out a Scare Can, opened the lid...

And then Randy woke up.

He looked at his hands. Darker shade of glasses.

"Heh, heh, heh..."


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