Everything is quiet, still, peacefull, bet yet it isn't. I've died in a war between Irk and Vort, something I shoudn't have been to in the first place. I wasn't supposed to come, I distracted my friends and got me and the other Invaders killed. I'm in emptiness now. The world is coming to an end around my dead body. Please, if you're another Irken out there, hearing my thoughts, listening, please, save my planet. I've caused the fate of friends, family, of yours and mine. Please, if there's one thing you can do for me before my spirit leaves this world, it's save it.

Zim has died, and it's up to the other Irkens ignored and hated like him to save their own kind. I'm not sure how I'll continue this, but one of you can write a bit of story if ya want. I'll see what I can write. Any ideas or feedback? Write 'em on the talk page for this page.... article... thing...

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