It was another day. I walked down the road, feeling completly bored. I hadn't done anything to protect Dib today, and I'd used up all my pranks on Zim. Yestarday, I'd thought that I might be starting another Robmo Era, but I wasn't. Times were tough for me. I was stuck between two universes, Robmo and Miz Redavni, and I've had Viva La Vida (by Coldplay) stuck in my head for who knows how long. It was time for me to accept the truth that I'd never thought would come this soon. I was getting bored of Dib. I knew that it was time to move on. "Scipy! There you are!" I spun aroound quickly. It was Dib. "Hi Dib," I said. "I've practiced singing Viva La Vida for us and I-" I cut him of by putting a hand over his mouth. "Why don't you take the day off today?" I said. Yestarday, I had sent Dib home with another girl who liked him. We were still in my home dimension. "You can stay at your dimension, go to Skool, and be with your dad." I knew Dib wouldn't want to go home, but once I get bored of someone, they're just another one to prank. "I'll stay with Zim, give hima chance with the camera." Dib had been reporting for my imaginary TV channel, that goes to any Nicktoons universe that I can connect the camera to, called Wrymvault Network. "We could definitally use the show's main character as a reporter for the network." I told him, finishing what I was saying so that i can write his resonse and you probably want just that so I'll continue. "Okay..." Dib replied. Yestarday, Zim had been with me on the bus, filling in for Dib. Now, I wanted to be with him again. Zim and I would be together again. As Dib left to go back home, I though about tripping him, but I decided to save my pranks for later, once Thinkland started woring again.

I promise you, reader, that this is all true. ~Invader Scipy.

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