Chapter One

She always sat in the back. She was used to it because she had always gotten a seat in the back since first grade. It didn't bother her, though, it never did.

She was always reading the same book. When she finished it, she flipped back to the front page and read it again. She went against the skool rules every day right before school started, right before taking a test, and right before eating lunch. She had a foot in two worlds that could be considered opposites.

She sat at the lunch table, folded her hands and murmured a quick prayer.

A voice behind her made her jump.

"You're breaking one of the skool rules, Ari." It was Dib.

The fourth grader looked over her shoulder and replied, "I know. Do you have a problem with that?"

"Don't worry, I'm not going to tell anyone." He sat down next to Ari.

"Tell whoever you want. I don't care, no one can stop me." She turned around and reached into her backpack and pulled out her book. She flipped to page seven hundred ninety-one and began reading it and eating her frozen chocolate-covered strawberries. "Want some?"

"No thanks, I'm not a huge fan of chocolate or strawberries."

"Okay then."

The two ate in silence until Dib asked a question. "How?"

"Congrats, you just won the random question of the day award," Ari said.

"I wasn't going for an random question award, I want an answer."

"Okay, then. How what?"

"You promised me that you would never lie to me, and I know that's true. You promised you'd never lie unless you had to."

"Yeah, so? Lying is sinning, and I don't do that."

"But you also told me you're a paranormal investigator. How did you say that without lying?"

"What kind of question is that?" Ari was confused.

"Nevermind. We'll talk later. Lunch is almost over anyway."

"Kk, that'll work."

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