Debbie sat down. It had been 10 hours ago that a mysterious person had invited her to their private island. This never bothered Debbie, but...why a volcanic island? She hated fire...unless she used to cook.

She saw the conference table was huge. Why? She only met two people here, one she didn't know that well, anyway. She had crime fighting to do, so this guy better hurry up.

She looked over at the wall. Something Why was she getting the feeling she was being watched? It felt as if someone was there...

Then she heard it.

The faint beeping now as too quiet for the normal human ears to hear, but Debbie heard it loud and clear. It felt like a bomb was gonna explode on contact.

Which it was.

The wall exploded, Debbie flying out of her seat. She grabbed her gun, and pointed at the explosion, knowing someone was there.

"Hello, Una."

The cat Irken walked out of the shadows, claws sharpened. The red eyes replaced blue, and the nice kitty was gone.


"So, I here you're a detective and a police officer, huh?"

"What is it to you?"

"Try solving this mystery: who will kill you?"

"Death, when he's ready."


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