I'm waiting. It's been months now since I was banished here, to this lifeless rock. That little green one thinks I'm dead, but I am alive. I am getting stronnger, recovering. I'm just waiting 'till the time is right. When the starts and planets are lined up so that I get fly straight off this place! But you wouldn't understand, would you? The only reason I want to get back is to destory that little green one! But there is one other reason why... I left a loved one there. He was a human, yes, but he was good. Very good. He was far smarter than any of his kind. It's too bad they captured him though. That green one... and then the other....

"Mimi! Get over here! I think today is finally the day!" It's here at last! We can finally go back to Earth! I'm in my ship already. Mimi comes in after I call her. What a loyal SIR. I start up the ship and we fly, almost as fast as light, to that one water-corvered, filthy, stupid planet.

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