The figure walked around the mechanical tunnel.

He thought he had his plan working. Soon, they would all be gone. Dead. Kaput.

The figure came across a big Nintendo 64 console. Quickly, he grabbed a napkin and punched the buttons in this order:


The console immediantly opened up, and the figure went inside. He walked down another cave of strange machinery until he came to...

The Code Cave.

He grabbed a rope made of licorice and tied it around himself. He then swam into the codes and looked around. About every code was blue, green, and purple with little pictures on it.

Except HIS character model.

Quickly, he grabbed a computer. As he rapidly typed in something, the model started coming closer.

The model had a pudgy face with a crown on top, not to mention grey hair. The outfit had a purple shirt with a ruffled collar. One of the model's hands held a lollipop cane. His pants were the color of Butterfingers and his shoes were polished.

This was the one.

As the figure pulled the model closer, he started to remove his cloak. The model soon landed in the cave.

The case around the model started cracking. The model started moving with happiness. Finally, the model's case broke open.

" Welcome back, Candy.," said the figure.

" AHA! I'm free and... wait, who are you, exactly?," King Candy said. The figure then removed his full cloak.

" I'm Wilfre, your new helper."


" VANELLOPE! GET YOUR BUTT UP!!!," yelled Maria-Theresa from downstairs. Maria, as usual, was being quite rude, but she had rights to.

" Maria, why do hate Vanellope? She's nice, but you treat like somethings wrong with her.," said Wirz, Vanellope's friend. Wirz had a strong spirit and some love for Vanellope, but he'd never show it to anyone except her.

" BMO does not understand message.," said BMO, Ooo's cutest resident. He could turn human, buit only shows into Wirz

" Quiet, I'm trying to read," The Shining.," said Brayden, or as Vanellope called him... DEAR.

" Ok, ok! I'm getting ready!," yelled Vanellope from upstairs. The girl could be heard walking to the bathroom.

The whole family was eating a breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and eggs, not to mention sprinkles. The sprinkles were for DSM, another family member.

Vanellope then came downstairs, dressed in her usual clothes. Except... why did she had a candy cane necklace?

"Oh, well. I don't care for her.," thought Maria.

The others had already been chowing down their food when Vanellope got down. They all finished, except Brayden. They talked about Skool, their friends, and even talked about embarassing moments. Finally, Vanellope stopped the conversation when she asked,

" What do you think Zim is doing right now?"

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