I had to make this, because it was on my mind for a while now.


  • Nostalgia Critic: Hey, everyone. I'm going to show you a television episode of Invader Zim, but it's Future Dib *dramatic close-up*. Enjoy...
  • GIR: *pours butter bar on popcorn and laughs at Dib in a cage*
  • Nostalgia Critic: What? Is that supposed to be funny?!? A robot watching a thirteen year old boy in a cage?
  • Zim: Release the monkey!
  • GIR: *sends a monkey into a cage with Dib*
  • Nostalgia Critic: That's really not funny...
  • Dib Robot-Spy: *spins on the Perpetual Energy Generator's gears and acts like a moron.
  • Gaz: You're just asking for it!
  • Nostalgia Critic: What is up with these jokes?!? I mean who finds this kind of stuff funny?!?! A robot imposter spinning around on a machine's gears?
  • Dib Robot-Spy: *gives fake flashback of Zim sending him through a time warp*
  • Nostalgia Critic: Good, gravy! These scenes are worse than Happy Meal stories by three year old children...
  • Dib: *beaten by monkey and turns old*
  • Nostalgia Critic: That...was the worst joke ever. THEY DID IT! THEY MADE THE WORST JOKE EVER! GIVE 'EM A HAND, FOLKS!
  • People: *set off fireworks and millions cheer*
  • Nostalgia Critic: Hahahaahahaha! *widly*

The Nostalgia Critic later faints from applauding too much and ends the review. The End.

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