I'm using this title until I can come up with a better one.

Biorg's tiger costume
Scipy and Eileen hurried toward the meeting. Scipy was dressed as a cat and Eileen was dog. It was Halloween, and someone had vanished. Margaret was following them, too worried to be tired. She was wearing a red jacket with bat wings. They arrived in the feild where everyone had gathered. They walked over to Zim and Dib. Dib was dressed as an alien. Gaz was standing next to him in a dragon costume. Biorg joined them, dressed as a tiger, along with OLT and GIR.
"Children," said the only adult at the meeting, "Professor Membrane has gone missing, and we need eight of you to find him. Let's see, hmm, the green one, that large-headed boy, those two animals, that cat, her two friends, and the other green one." He pointed to them. Eileen smiled. "Yay! Adventure!" she exclaimed.

"Where should we start?" asked Biorg as they started walking away from the meeting. They started walking out of town. Eventualy, they found a mysterious hotel. "Let's go in there!" Dib suggested. "Okay," said Margaret. As they entered, a beetle flew over to them. There were beetles everywhere. Flying around, doing working, even cleaning. "May I take you to your room?" the beetle said. "Yes," Biorg replied. "Wait, we have a room?"
"Yes, the professor asked us to protect you if we saw you. Those were his last words."
Dib looked down sadly. "Oh, I.. though he was alive," he said.
The walked to their room. Once they got their, someone jumped through the window, grabbed Zim, shoved past the group, and ran down the hallway. "I'm so sorry!" the beetle apologized. "It's okay. Nobody liked him anyway. Except GIR, who just ran off," said OLT.
Later, Scipy opened her laptop. "Oh no!" she said as she looked at her email. "What?" Dib asked. "Your home.. it's been burned down," she said. "Is Gaz alright?" he wondered. "Yeah, she's fine," Scipy replied. "Good," Dib said. "I don't need a house, I just need part of my family."

"What do we do now?" Eileen wondered. Margaret was still asleep. "I dunno," Biorg said. "LET'S PLAY A GAME!" OLT suggested loudly. "OKAY!" Scipy replied. They eventualy came up with a game. Afterv three hours of playing, they decided to take ba break.

That afternoon, Eileen and Margaret started coughing. "I *cough* don't know what this is," Margaret said.

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